Insurance agent showing someone their car insurance coverage.

Hawaii Personal Injury Law: Insurance Basics

In Hawaii, state law requires that you insure your vehicle throughout the motor vehicle registration period. You must keep a valid Hawaii motor vehicle insurance ID card in your motor vehicle at all times. Failure to operate a vehicle with insurance may result in a ticket or a fine. You must not just have insurance […]

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Cummings Law, PL gives an overview of your options when your cancer is misdiagnosed.

When Cancer Is Misdiagnosed: What Are Your Options?

Diagnostic errors are common reasons for medical malpractice claims. Delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, and failure to diagnose cancer can result in life-threatening consequences for the patient. A cancer misdiagnosis is a serious form of medical negligence and medical error. If you believe your physician mishandled your diagnosis, contact a Hawaii cancer misdiagnosis attorney to discuss your […]

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Cummings Law, PL discusses how amputations impact your life after an accident.

Amputations and How They Impact Your Life After an Accident

Amputations are considered catastrophic injuries. Traumatic amputations occur when a body part is severed from the body because of an unexpected event, like, for example, a car accident. A surgical amputation occurs when a doctor removes a body part. An unexpected accident can also result in a surgical amputation.  Amputations can be extremely debilitating for […]

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Cummings Law, PL discusses the main causes of pedestrian accidents.

What Are the Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrian accidents often have a terrible ending. Not only can a pedestrian sustain devastating injuries when hit by a vehicle or bike, but others involved can also be harmed. Both pedestrians and drivers have a duty of care that must be exercised at all times. This is to help ensure that everyone remains safe and […]

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Cummings Law, PL discusses the four most common pedestrian injuries in Hawaii.

Four Common Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrians can suffer traumatic and life-threatening injuries in a traffic accident. Individuals hit by a vehicle have no protection from the impact. Unlike the driver of the vehicle, a pedestrian does not have a metal frame and airbags to prevent injuries in a collision. Therefore, most pedestrian accident claims involve substantial damages, including high medical […]

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Cummings Law, PL discusses seven factors that can affect how much your car accident claim is worth.

How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

Have you been in a car accident in Hawaii? If so, you likely sustained physical injuries from the crash. You might also be entitled to compensation for your physical injuries. Is there a way to know how much your car accident claim is worth? Talking to a Hawaii car accident attorney is a great first […]

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